this is obviously the facts page. you get what the title is. 

1-fiji is one of the most beautifull islands and has one of the best water companies, but fiji has also one of the highest canibalism rate

2-joseph stalin never took off his boots.ever.

3-when a Uruguayan plane on a flight to Chile in 1972 crashed in Andese,its surviving passangeres were stuck in the mountains for 10 weeks.of the 45 passangers, only 16 survived. they survived by eating the dead passangers.

4-Elizabethian woman drank dog urine to improve theircomplexions .

5-the chinese used to think that eating rat hair prevented hair loss.

6-Hermen Mullens book, Moby Dick, sold only 50 books in his lifetime.

7-the poet Vigiril spent over $50,000 on hispet fly's funeral.


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